Hail Damage

When to Call Us For Roof Replacement

When Do I Need Roof Replacement?

Though our roofs are designed to take the brunt of what Mother Nature throws at us here in Nashville, eventually, even the toughest roofs sometimes succumb to hail. No matter if it is a light storm or record-breaking hail sizes, The Stonemark Company will be here to help you replace your roof after the storm passes. Our roofing contractors can help you determine if you need to replace your roof after a hail storm and can help you get your home the protection it needs with a functional roof.

If your home has been hit with damage from hail or sustained storm damage, call our roofing company for a free estimate.

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Signs of Hail Damage On Roof:

  • Missing granules

  • Dark spots, cracks, or holes

  • Missing shingles

  • Broken flashing

  • Dented or blocked gutters

  • Dents on windows

Top Rated Local® Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Whether you love the thundering of a good afternoon storm or not, most of us do not like hail for the reason of how it can damage our property. Hail can kill our gardens, strip our trees of leaves and limbs, break our windows, and damage every aspect of our homes. Though our homes are made to withstand the beating of severe thunderstorms, even the toughest of roofs can be damaged by a powerful hail storm.

When Does Hail Damage My Roof?

Thankfully, not all hail storms are damaging to your roof. The size of the hail will most likely determine if you need roof replacement. Check out this graphic to learn more!

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Need Roof Replacement?

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